For our Nepali and Sherpa Friends

If you want other to be happy practice compassion.

If you want to be happy practic compassion.

HH The Dalai Lama


I am a photographer, and as passionate as I am about photography, I love traveling. And as a Buddhist and mountaineer, it seems almost natural I fell in love with Nepal.

The tragedy of the April 2014 avalanche at Everest killing so many Sherpa people  deeply saddened me. But this year's earthquake really urged me to do a bit more than just send some money. This time, friends and their friends and families are involved. They lost everything but their life.

I do encourage everyone to donate some money to trustworthy funds and there is a huge number of them and all do good work. But I also would like to help my friends and their families and villages they live in directly, without the detour of giving it to a bigger organization. So help is directly sent to where it is needed. I know it is only a drop in the ocean to support - like in this case - two single persons at first sight, but they are supporting their families, friends and the destroyed villages, and you have to start somewhere.

A foundation I can recommend is the Alex Lowe Charitable foundation, which is found here:

The Alex Lowe Earthquake Relief Fund

For whom?

In this particular case, all the money raised goes to two families and their villages. One part will be sent to Nawang Sherpa, who was our guide for 5 weeks during our first trip to Nepal and really helped us a lot. The second portion goes to Narayan, with whom I planned a trip to Upper Dolpo and the Shey Gompa monastery already before my husband and I got the offer to move to Boston instead. Otherwise, we would have been in Nepal right now.

How can you help? And what will you get?

On the next gallery page, you can choose one (or more) photographs. Some of them are award-winning and have been published online and in print. In some minor books of National Geographic for example, but I don't want to show off too much on that.

Just send me an email of the titles of the photographs you want to buy. I will write back, give you the number of the bank account (you can pay in cash if you like) and you decide what you want to pay for this photographs, starting at 55 Euros per photo. You can transfer more, if you like ;) Or simply order more pictures, they make your room and office desk awesome anyway :D

The pictures are then printed in their full awesomeness as shiny artsy prints on Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl paper in the size 13x18 with 1 cm white border on Whitewall Premium printers.

Please be patient then,I will wait a couple of days until I have received a bunch of orders and then process, sign and dispatch your fine art photographs.

And don't forget to spread this awesomeness.

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